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Top 5 games for kids available on Android

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If you have children around you, then you certainly know how attracted they can be to smartphones or Android. “I’d like to play a game on your phone,” they often say. Rather than letting them play yours, download some that are age-appropriate. Here’s a top 5 Android game for kids to help you.

Lego juniors create & cruise 

This game, as its name suggests, aims to develop your child’s creativity by making him/her complete tasks. The principle is to collect coins put on his way to unlock the next levels. He will have to use his imagination and create his own vehicle and his own Lego figurine. As he recovers parts and unlocks levels, he will have new vehicles at his disposal. This game is suitable for children between 4 and 7 years old and contains no advertising.

Cooking mama let’s cook

It’s a completely free game designed to develop your children’s love of cooking. Its principle is simply to make recipes to unlock levels. Your child will enjoy a unique experience as they use the touch screen of your phone to perform tasks that are really done in the kitchen. He slices, chops, slices and challenges with other players. It’s also a customizable game that also develops creativity in children.

Peppa pig: paintbox 

This one is more adapted for the youngest and develops the art of drawing and coloring in children. They have at your disposal a box containing everything they need to draw, color and glue. Once their creations are finished, they have the possibility if they want to publish them on the wall of the game called Peppa’s school. It is also possible to extract these creations to have them in the phone gallery. 

Disney Magic Kingdoms 

Creating your own Disney universe will be your child’s task in this game. It is made up of many attractions and thus offers an extraordinary adventure for children. Your child will find Mickey and other characters from the Disney world and help them to counter the spell cast by Malefice. This game combines attraction and imagination.

Pyjamasques: Moonlight heroes 

Perfect adventure game for your little game lovers, who will have to choose between three heroes and walk around the city in the middle of the night. Each of these heroes has its own characteristics and assets. The principle of the game is to collect globes and find golden amulets while avoiding enemies that get in the way. The final goal is to make your hero’s power grow and get a better score than the other players.