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Top 5 football games available on Android

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If you’re used to looking for football games on Android, you’ll know that there are many, but not all of them offer the experience you’d expect from a football game. So here’s a top 5 for you to avoid endless searches for the perfect football game.

Football Manager Mobile 2020

It is a game that has been around for years and offers the player the opportunity to put himself in the shoes of a coach and recruit football stars or players with promising careers in 21 countries and 60 leagues. This game is known to be the best in the category of simulated football club coach. Every year it is revised to offer a better game experience and also more realism.

FIFA Mobile

If you’re a fan of console or PC gaming, you probably know this game. On mobile, it is a representation of the classic football game, but is thought nevertheless to be effective and allow the player to develop game techniques. Its principle: develop a team, train its players and participate in matches. The player participates in many leagues and even has the possibility to challenge his friends’ teams.

Score! Hero

Here, the player has the opportunity to put himself in the shoes of a football player since it is not a question of a team, but of a player. The principle is to build the professional career of the player through more than 200 levels. The player will have to take up a number of challenges in order to climb the world rankings. The game also has very realistic graphics, which is precisely what makes it so popular.

eFootball PES 2020

In this game, it is also about managing a team, from training to participating in matches. Each match won gives points which in turn give the opportunity to acquire new talent or sign with world stars. However, it should be pointed out that this acquisition is done through a draw.

Top Eleven 2020

Here, he’ll have to build his team from scratch with young recruits. This game is designed to help you develop strategies for positioning and playing on the field. You can also, by winning matches, recruit a football star with the coins you win. The goal remains the same: to win the Champions League.